Is the smart electronic lock an electronic product?

2019-03-27 14:22:00

  Nowadays, electronic locks want to be intelligent, and only through electronic means, especially the judgment and recognition of the CPU, can the anti-theft effect be achieved. Because of the ordinary mechanical lock, no matter how complicated, all civilian, the master of the street and the thief's master key can be opened, as long as a few seconds and ten seconds, this has led to the emergence of electronic intelligent locks. The intelligentization of the electronic lock is in addition to the early functions of unlocking the RF card, entering the password, unlocking the password, and the general function of forcibly unlocking the alarm. It also uses fingerprint recognition and fingerprint retina recognition. These algorithms are more complex than ordinary ones. MP3s and so on are also complex, and they can also monitor and alarm with the mobile Internet.   With these powerful electronic intelligence functions, machinery is only a small part of it, so it has long been a high-tech electronic product.

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