New technology boosts electronic access control market

2019-03-27 14:22:00

  There have been many changes in the electronic access control industry in 2013, and the situation should continue in the next 12 months. Market analyst firm IHS pointed out that in the short term we are about to see rapid changes in the access control industry. Compared with the video surveillance field, there have been many newcomers in the market that have not changed much for a long time, such as Axis. In addition, new end-market demand from residential users and the adoption of new technology trends such as wireless electronic locks will Drive the market to make more changes.

  IHS expects that the electronic access control market will reach $3.5 billion in 2014, with the main drivers coming from emerging markets such as the US and the Middle East and Africa.

  In the hardware part, most of the growth will be driven by electronic locks that can operate offline, use cards or operate wirelessly via wireless . As end users begin to trust and understand wireless technology, wireless will continue its strong growth. In addition, the extent of IT involvement in the industry will increase significantly, and in some cases IT products will also be used to manage and control access control devices.

  IHS also expects that the access control industry will begin to focus on open standards in 2014, but it may take several years to adopt it extensively. Many suppliers investing in R&D are still waiting to see how the industry will adopt and implement these new standards. On the other hand, standards such as NFC will continue to expand their influence, but their adoption has been less than expected.

  When NFC has not really entered the access market, some manufacturers are turning their attention to other options, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Therefore, it remains to be seen whether NFC can truly enter the access control market in the future. However, another important trend in access control is that IP-based devices will become more and more fast, not only allowing access control systems to be combined with other portable electronic products of users, allowing users to achieve more remote management, while also enabling Reduce installation costs.

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